I came up with the Vermont Bracelet design, using the "V" and "T" in Vermont, in 1994 during a drive from Quechee to Manchester, Vermont.

After careers in real estate, insurance, marketing and special events at Stratton Mountain, I launched Vermont Bracelet in 1994, presenting the first bracelet to then Vermont Governor Howard Dean at the statehouse in Montpelier.  Since then, over 3,600 Vermont Bracelets have been sold around Vermont, the country and the world.

Vermont Bracelets are worn by people whose common bond is their love for Vermont.  Women, men and children; all kinds of folks wear the Vermont Bracelet.  Members of the LPGA tour received Vermont Bracelets at a women's golf tournament at Stratton in the mid 90's as did top equestrians at the Vermont Summer Festival Horse Show.

Vermont Bracelets are worn by people who love and live Vermont: grandparents, ski racers, loggers, dairy farmers, gardeners, legislators, bridesmaids, bankers, waitresses, college graduates, authors, state troopers, librarians, second-home owners, chefs, nurses, ski patrolmen, investment bankers, bakers, carpenters, snowplow drivers, doctors, snowboarders, rodeo riders and many other folks who share a common love of Vermont. 

Many people send photos of their Vermont Bracelet taken at various sites around the the Sydney Opera House, the top of Mount Mansfield, the Jungfrau in Switzerland, the Italian Dolomites, the wild west, the Taj Mahal in India, and Big Ben in London.  I love receiving these photos and seeing all the great places my Bracelets travel.

Purchase your Vermont Bracelet and wear it in good health.  Be sure to wear it whenever you must leave the state. It shows your simple, good taste and you will be recognized the world over, as a person who knows and loves Vermont.

I talk with almost everyone who purchases a Vermont Bracelet and keep a log of each and every Vermont Bracelet and it's owner. I look forward to chatting with you and hearing your Vermont story.

Kimet Hand, Manchester, Vermont

Designer of the Original Vermont Bracelet, since 1994